The Thing

The Thing ★★★★★


"Why don't we just... wait here for a little while... see what happens?"

It's funny how much the film itself is like its opening title card; comes straight to you out of nowhere in a dark blue aesthetic feel that gets you hella pumped for the best 109 minutes of practical effects you'll ever see.

Bone-chilling, white-knuckled fists, a crackle of the fire heard from a distance; John Carpenter's The Thing isn't just a film you watch, it's a film to experience. Along side many classics and introducing a new level of sci-fi horror much like Alien. The main man himself Kurt Russell has never been beter with a gruffy and hard-as-nails role as R.J. MacReady, probably top three best horror protagonists. But he's not the only one in Antarctica 1982, he's joined by an outside force who does whatever the hell he wants, to whoever the hell he wants to do it too. No name just "The Thing."

I've never seen a movie look so real in my life. The Thing isn't just shot well it's so beautifully captured and comes to life right off the screen. You feel in the moment and can't take your eyes off the screen. If you can check out the scream factory release. I just got mine and its stunning. The score is just so tense and brilliant I can't get enough of it. Much thanks to Carpenter who pulled through on one hell-of-a starter point for me. I won't get into much about the practical effects cause there's already been so much talk about it. It's glorious. It's beautiful. Rob Bottin was 22, freaking 22, when he was doing the makeup and effects, if that's not goals I don't know what is.

It's the perfect combination of everything you want; horror, sci-fi, and Kurt Rusell/John Carpenter collaboration. The holy trinity of goodness from the 80's. Pure fun and 100% authentic to a good-ol-time, The Thing is a timeless masterpiece.

Hoop-Tober 17/31
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*Soon doing a Carpenter marathon*

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