Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★★★

tip: if you want to have a much more fun, interesting and mindblowing experience try to black out couple of times especially in between decisive story turns and have to rebuilt/add some sense to the movie in your head, one minute you're numb the other you're WHAT THE HECCCCK and then you're numb again like wow loved it!
now for real, this movie just makes me want to laugh, not scared or whatever y'all say at all, whenever someone'll metion it i'll just instantly laugh the type of laugh i can't even explain what it means. and the thing is that i probably got so naturally high i think i get it, just don't ask me to explain it. not sure if it felt like 5 stars, i probably shouldn't rate it yeat but i'm giving this rate because i want to. nice black outs! great stuff! super gay! hollywood sucks!

ps. I always thought this was a super hard thriller of two girls who were raped or something like that, yep i probably have mistaken the movies lol the first big suprise was to find out this is a Lynch's movie cause after that i was ready to anything really

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