The 33 ★★★★

Based on a real story that happened in Chile where 33 miners staid stucked in the heart of a mountain and survived with one of the most glorious rescues in the world.
With some few but great actors and actrices this film isnt the best art or a charecter profound caracteristics movie but it surley does what it wanted to do:Make hearts move,more than any one the chilean ones for that we be gratefull for are country and admire the rescue of the 33.
With few but good effects and a beautifull chilean scenery this film that could be taken as a documentary convinces a lot and it doesnt get good reviews because this wasnt made to be a entertaining,funny,ant tipical was a tribute with dedication that got to the top of what they wanted but didnt overpass the line by going into another type of film leaving the important tribute behind