Enola Holmes ★★★½

So I finally got around to watching this movie. 

Enola Holmes
 is an enchanting tale about a young girl named Enola, who investigates the sudden disappearance of her mother and on the way helps a young lord; all while trying to stay steps ahead of her detective brother Sherlock’s plans. The film has a great ensemble cast, with Millie Bobby Brown playing the titular Enola. Surprisingly, I quite enjoyed this film. It’s a fun adventure family flick with a great story.

Henry Cavill plays the famous Sherlock Holmes; and unfortunately he was underused and overshadowed in the film by Brown’s portrayal of Enola. Though he didn’t get many scenes, he did great with what he was given. The quirkiness of the film is something that I really liked as well. There’s parts where Enola narrates the events of the story and speaks directly to the viewers, breaking the fourth wall in the process. Though it was a pretty unique addition, I felt that it was overdone just a tad bit. At times it kind of felt like Dora the Explorer was asking me questions about the movie every few minutes or so.

Nonetheless, this is a very care-free, self-aware and entertaining film. The various relationships Enola had throughout the film (Tewkesbury, Eudoria Holmes, Sherlock/Mycroft Holmes etc.) were components that really added to the overall value of the film. Mark my words, Millie Bobby Brown will do great things in the future.  

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