Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark ★★★★★

Obviously the best adventure film of all time! I mean honestly, can you think of anything better? I may sound biased as this is my second favourite movie of all time but you know I'm right.
Harrison Ford is amazing in it, why else do you think everyone knows him for being Indiana Jones and Han Solo? The plot is very engaging, an archaeologist going against Nazis to recover THE Ark of the Covenant, that's pretty cool!
Every action scene is exciting, the pub brawl, the street fight, the truck chase, you can't get tired of any of it, it's just so awesome. There are so many iconic aspects in this movie; Indy's appearance, him retrieving an ancient golden idol, running away from a boulder, chasing after a truck on a horse, shooting a guy in a sword fight, everything you see spoofed or parodied in other movies usually comes from Raiders.
It's because everyone knows Raiders because everyone's seen Raiders because Raiders is a brilliant movie. Why else would they spoof it? How often do you see the worst movies of all time get spoofed? Not often, because that's not what people want to see. People want to see something they love.
I may sound like I'm going over the top because I'm a huge fanboy but there's no other way I can explain or show you how good this movie is. Wait I just thought of a way, go and watch Raiders of the Lost Ark right now and I guarantee you will have an exilirating experience.

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