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  • Kingsman: The Golden Circle

    Kingsman: The Golden Circle


    It’s an easy viewing, but it’s impossible to remove the first from this, and how this film feels like sequelitis. Vaughn takes risks, some payoff, some don’t. The biggest issue is that the story is messier, and the characters are less interesting. Bridges is barely in it, and the same with Channing Tatum. Moore did nothing for me as a villain. 

    It’s far from awful, and fun can be had, but it’s a notch down for sure. The camerawork is phenomenal.

  • Shot Caller

    Shot Caller


    Shot Caller is fairly hard hitting crime film. It makes prison look like hell on earth, which means it’s probably very realistic. The prison sequences are very tense, and the violence is scary. There’s more shanking, and shiving than I had bargained for. It’s also an interesting tale of institutionalization, and how if you’re not a criminal when you go in, you’ll be a criminal by the time you get out.

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  • Spectre



    Spectre is almost always an entertaining film, but its energy is eventually unable to overcome its flaws. It starts off with an absolute bang, and the film continues to work for the next hour or so. The more the conflict built upon itself, the less interested I became. The overall story is very poorly constructed, and the final segment of the movie is downright weak. The action is great, and it is always wonderful to see James Bond on screen,…

  • Arrival



    I'm in a state of reflection. I mean, wow, what a film! It's reasonably compelling, but with a quick gust of mighty wind, it blew me away. It goes to show how seemingly insignificant details can alter a film in a tremendous way, with a singular moment. Arrival is a true, thinking-man's science fiction film, and I haven't been this riveted by a film in what feels like ages.

    My only complaint? Story of Your Life is a better title.