Skyfall ★★★★½

Ok hear me out... this is the best Bond Film and not only of the Craig Saga, this is THE Bond film. (And I’ve watched like 18 of the 25 released films)

'Could we discuss the next part of your performance over that drink?'

Skyfall is a terrific movie and Sam Mendes did justice to the franchise with a really good movie and its almost perfect layered cake of vintage moments underlined with the proper modern style that we’re starting to get used to but we can all agree that the mvp behind the camera was Roger Deakins, the man made a piece of art with an action film. Everything looks stunning, perfectly placed and in balance yet urgent and explosive. Deakins paint every frame, from the action and suspense to the more bright and emotional sequences with a fantastic dance of light, shadow, shade, texture and perspective.

Casino royale's opening scene is still better than this one (with th bw scene and the parkour chase) but this is superior as a whole package. Every bad review of this film is based on Daniel craig not being a proper 007... but after all these years you have to face it, Daniel Craig reinvented the classy James Bond with a more badass one. Sean Connery has been the best bond with his smooth, witty and comedic portrayal while Craig plays a more dark, mysterious and lonesome agent flawlessly. and I love it. I also love all the screentime they gave to Judi Dench and Javier Bardem, both knock it out of the park.

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Watching No Time to Die this weekend.