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  • The Parent Trap

    The Parent Trap


    "The Isolation Cabin"?!?! Who runs this girls camp? Gina Haspel?


    All the performances here sing, save for Elaine Hendrix's unfortunately written role as the Queen Bitch rival for Quaid's affections. But the central ironies of the premise are more or less bullet-proof and Meyers keeps it classy, even if she overstuffs the soundtrack.

  • The Magic Flute

    The Magic Flute


    All the greats get around to making a fairy tale eventually, don't they?

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  • The Night of the Hunter

    The Night of the Hunter


    Just the greatest. I never seem to give it quite enough credit. Each revisit brings more resonant moments, more unforgettable images. This time the strange simplicity of it all--particularly its ideas on the precarious place of children and the other little things of the world-- was almost unspeakably moving. The throw away moment following the local hangman back into his home almost had me in tears.

  • Cries and Whispers

    Cries and Whispers


    For all the knocks on Bergman's supposed thematic didacticism what has struck me most during my concentrated sprint through his filmography (I've seen 17 of his features in the last 13 days) is the illusive, chimerical aura he brings to so much of his work. That's definitely the case with this haunting yet graceful Gothic meditation on mortality which has its signposts (each woman representing a different trope of womanhood, Bergman's signature extended monologs and unsparring closeups) but likewise conjures…