Crooklyn ★★★★½

Folk opera, indeed. Clearly suffused with memories culled directly from life, but rather than linger on these, Lee allows them to accumulate steadily-- snatching a lemon from a pitcher of lemonade, muggy summer nights in bed with the seconds ticking like hours. None of these are given much screen-time, but they're powerful snatches.

It's a matter of perspective. Here we're mostly through the eyes of a ten-year-old girl and few other movies seek to embody the sudden inflections of mood, tone, and attitude of childhood. Most films are preoccupied with recreating a world that makes sense. CROOKLYN recreates the sensation of trying to make sense of the world.

It's all colored in with Lee's typically extroverted style and it's invigorating to see a story this distinct and freewheeling written in splashy backlot boldface.

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