Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★½

This is a different vibe then the last guy Richie movie the gentleman guy Richie going back to where he kinda started heist movies and action movies without comedy jason statham is amazing in this movie to screenplay had some major issues one they should of cut many scenes one including they probably to kill some porn stars was just awful to watch in a guy Richie that was a dumb idea and hold them hostage the was about 5 minutes of what the hell the whole Black Friday scene at the end was too dam accurate because many people try to rob stores on Black Friday the end of the movie really sets up a possible sequel post malone had a odd cameo in this movie as a robber not even kidding I score this movie a 7/10 B+ the movie was a fun one 3rd best guy Richie movie to date this movie would of gotten of 8/10 of it wasn’t for that one scene I had issues with