The West Side Waltz ★★★★★

I just finished watching a fantastic TV movie on DVD. This movie stars Jennifer Grey, Liza Minnelli, Shirley MacLane, and Kathy Bates. From beginning to end, this movie is a light comedy; a little dramatic; and above all a movie about aging; and how we form friendships that last a life time as we get older. Shirley MacLane plays a woman who is an amateur piano player, who once had a shot at being a professional piano player; but fell in love, and that was that. Liza Minnelli plays her friend who, is also a musician. Her character plays the violin. I was blown away how beautiful Liza could play the violin. Kathy Bates give a incredible performance, that I'm surprised she wasn't nominated for an Emmy Award. She should of been nominated for her performance in movie. She plays a homeless woman, who is labeled "a public disturbance;" when Jennifer Grey who is young woman, still making it in life, claims her as her friend. The friendships that are formed in this movie between these fantastic actresses, is just amazing. I recommend this movie to anyone, who wants to see a great movie.