The Ghost of Lord Farquaad

The Ghost of Lord Farquaad ★★★★

Today,January 9th,2022,after 18 and a half years of operation,Shrek 4D closes it's doors at Universal Studios Florida to most likely be replaced with a Secret Life Of Pets attraction. It outlived the version in Universal Studios Hollywood and was outlived by the ones in Universal Studios Japan and Universal Studios Singapore. Now I know it wasn't the best attraction out there,but it was something that was worth visiting at least once during a trip to Universal because of how iconic it was. I last rode the ride in 2017 during my last trip to Universal Studios Florida. Me and my Dad tried to go last year and in 2020,but Covid restrictions kept us from going. We're gonna try again this year,but we don't know how the Covid restrictions will be so far this year,regardless,it's sad that I never got to ride this one more time and never got to see the pre-show one more time as that was my favorite part of the attraction (I rewatched the pre show on YouTube before watching the short),but at least YouTube and (somewhat) Netflix exsists to keep the spirit of this attraction alive. I say somewhat for Netflix because Netflix has the poorly redone 2D version DreamWorks made for a DVD. Rest In Peace Shrek 4D,you'll be missed. 2003-2022.