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  • Adrift



    When Adrift is a romance film, it’s serviceable. Despite committed performances and good chemistry between the two actors, the romance lacks depth, and it’s not quite memorable. However, when Adrift is a survival thriller, it’s really good, and thankfully, it’s a survival thriller for the most part. The boat sequences are pretty intense, thanks to great direction from Baltasar Kormákur, immersive and stellar cinematography (which is far better than it needed to be), and solid sound design, making for an…

  • On Chesil Beach

    On Chesil Beach

    The first two acts of On Chesil Beach are incredibly tedious and very much sloppy in the departments of directing, writing, editing, pacing, scoring, and even sound mixing, with Saoirse Ronan doing her very best to carry this train wreck on her back while Billy Howle fails to properly emote. After all of this comes the climactic beach sequence, which is so great that it halfway makes up for everything that came before it. While the awful sound mixing really…

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  • Upgrade



    Thinly characterized, a tad inconsistently paced, and somewhat generic in spots, but overall a fucking blast. Surprisingly very well made (dug the camerawork, lighting, production design, and score in particular), and the action is fantastically directed & choreographed and an absolute joy to watch.

    Wish that Tom Hardy (aka, discount Logan Marshall Green) would do more movies like this instead of Venom.

  • Mission: Impossible - Fallout

    Mission: Impossible - Fallout


    Not only the best entry in the action genre since Mad Max: Fury Road, but one of the greatest action films ever made. Christopher McQuarrie impeccably directs every single set-piece, multiple of which are strong contenders for being among the very best action set-pieces ever put to film. Every single set-piece is beautifully choreographed & edited and is very likely to have you in the edge of your seat. McQuarrie also delivers a clever, twist-filled, suspense-filled narrative that is surprisingly even…