The Death & Life of John F. Donovan ½

When locals use terms like “pretentious drivel,” this is the kind of film that they’re referring to.

A two hour monotonous slog full of abysmal editing, horrendous needle drops, obnoxious camerawork and slo-mo, and blatantly forced and beyond over the top melodrama, on top of being the very definition of hollow. It’s a mishmash of various undercooked ideas with no narrative cohesion or proper narrative flow that thinks it’s #deep and #selfaware when it’s just lazy, often utilizing a tired cliché and then acknowledging it’s utilizing a tired cliché. There are a shit ton of other problems with this mess, but I feel like everything has been said by many already and I’m too irritated to write more about it. Career lows for everyone involved, and quite possibly dethrones DARK PHOENIX for being the worst of the year (have to think about it).

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