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  • Resurrection



    Sundance, 2022 #13

    Spearheaded by a career-best performance from Rebecca Hall, and a wickedly evil supporting role from Tim Roth, "Resurrection" is a disturbing psychological horror chamber piece that subtly blends the surreal with reality so well, by the brutally spectacular finale, you won't know what is real.

    Provocative, nightmareishly horrifying, and psychologically charged, the screenplay is the stuff of mental terror, gas-lighting you every chance it gets, and increasingly notching up the anxiety-inducing intensity as the film beautifully builds…

  • 892



    Sundance, 2022 #12

    John Boyega spearheads "892" with an unflinching and utterly heartbreaking performance that takes viewers on a journey into the past to experience a saddening true story that needs to be seen. Director Abi Damaris Corbin explores the harrowing events that took place one fateful day and the unfortunate events that lead up to that very moment, and pleads with viewers to help make a change for people that find themselves in the same situation as Brian Brown…

Popular reviews

  • After Yang

    After Yang


    Sundance 2022 #01

    "There's no something without nothing".

    Spiritually enlightening, cathartically painful, and deeply moving, "After Yang" is a beautiful meditation on the meaning of life, and the beauty found amongst the discarded. Director Kogonada layers his second feature film with a beautiful, profound sadness, one driven by the importance of memories, personal experiences, and family, and enhanced by the rich, meditative sci-fi elements thoughtfully adapted from the short story of which it's based, and Aska Matsumiya's ethereal piano/string score.…

  • Dune



    "This Is Just The Beginning"

    When you hear that last line of dialogue you know you've reached the final moments of "The Beginning," and you immediately begin to contemplate what you just witnessed, and when you genuinely consider the fact that this is just "the beginning," your jaw falls to the floor. 'Dune' is 85% world-building, 10% character development and 5% action, and that's by no means a complaint when you've been blessed with a film of such an epic…