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  • Crimes of the Future

    Crimes of the Future


    Beguiling, yet utterly frightening, David Cronenberg's new noir-nightmare is a bleak, and unforgiving portrait of the strange days of tomorrow. One that addresses, and thoroughly examines the question of "who owns whose body," and given the current time we're living in, this future, and the crimes committed by it, are more - timely - present than one would like to admit.

    We live in a world where free will is just an illusion. We grappled with that fact, and we…

  • Spiderhead


    "Spiderhead" is a warped, psychological sci-fi/thriller that boasts a handful of creative ideas, an A-list cast, and a handful of thrills, but it's essentially all premise and no pay-off, banking every twist, and arc on the mediocre, predictable, and cliché theme of "free will," or the lack there of. Not to mention the cringeworthy comedy that achieves every level of jarring awkwardness, but doesn't evoke one single laugh. I have yet to see "Maverick," but from what I've heard, it's not the same director as the one directing here, and it's definitely not the same studio.

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  • The Batman

    The Batman


    Nightmarish, gritty, & irrevocably scarred, just like the city he protects, "The Batman" is a brooding force of vengeance, pain, and anger!

    A dark, detective noir, that remarkably pays homage to the films that paved the way for The Riddler's inventive and bleak character arc. And it does so in a way that's respectful to the films it honours, all while staying completely original, only drawing from such film lore in order to expand and revitalise the formula. There are no…

  • Dune



    "This Is Just The Beginning"

    When you hear that last line of dialogue you know you've reached the final moments of "The Beginning," and you immediately begin to contemplate what you just witnessed, and when you genuinely consider the fact that this is just "the beginning," your jaw falls to the floor. 'Dune' is 85% world-building, 10% character development and 5% action, and that's by no means a complaint when you've been blessed with a film of such an epic…