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  • Baywatch



    1. Put Dwayne Johnson in everything 

    2. Zac, Alexandra & rest of the cast did as best they could w a shitty script 

    3. Priyanka Chopra is going to be the next Bond villain

    4. "Hey, Highschool Musical" was the best line in this entire movie.

  • Rough Night

    Rough Night


    Rough Night was a bold and refreshing take on a woman's bachelorette party! I loved the dynamic of the female friendships and how well they worked with each other. I loved that it felt like a natural friendship and I kept turning to my girlfriends saying "that's something you would do!" It's such a fun film and the ladies made me laugh throughout the entire thing! I loved that gender roles were reversed and that the women had a strong sense of purpose.

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  • Prisoners



    Prisoners premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and it has been getting amazing reviews. I went to go watch it opening night and even though the idea of a 2 and a half hour movie might turn you off, it was completely worth it. Prisoners tells a story about these two families who come together to celebrate Thanksgiving and their two youngest daughters get abducted. From my knowledge prior to the film I believed it was a true story…

  • The Revenant

    The Revenant


    The Revenant begins with a simple breath escaping with a strong willed story about how to be strong and fight for yourself. This film was absolutely breathtaking in every way imaginable, down to the very last detail. Inarritu did a brilliant job with the development and pacing of this epic masterpiece about a man seeking vengeance for his sons murder. It was a simple story but the way it was executed was far from simple. Each shot, each frame was…