The Idle Class

The Idle Class ★★★★

Tremendous little gags throughout, and they all must be seen to be understood & properly laughed at, but I'll risk a surely inadequate verbal description of some of them here for the good of my own future recollection --

-Well-dressed man somehow loses his pants in public, so he hides from view until he is able to escape company by duckwalking (or walking on his kneecaps?) behind a stolen newspaper, the helpfully wide journalism du jour splayed out before him so that he may waddle away in the guise of a disinterested dwarf with helpfully long coattails;

-Tramp becomes Tiger Woods, expertly unthinkingly smacking a golf ball from mid-air, after discovering on the links a Rip Van Winkle-esque hobo who doubles as a ball dispenser;

-Pretty good fight scene in which the Tramp uses a pillow to pad the space between his fist and his double's medieval knight helmet while punching it.

Is this an overlooked, unfairly non-canonical example of Essential Chaplin? Maybe not, but it is if you consider laughter to be essential.