Predestination ★★★★

Have you ever smoked a brisket before? You put the rub all over the piece of meat, you inject it with delicious flavors, and then you let it rest for awhile. You wait about a half hour, and once your grill is right, you put it on the bbq pit fat side up. And then you wait... Halfway through the cook, you check on it, and it's just starting to look right. Every hour you check on it after that it gets juicier and more delicious looking until it is ready to come off of the grill and rest. The meat MUST REST before it is served! It's gotta soak back in those juices that it lost during the smoking.

I'm currently in my resting period right now from this movie. It had great reviews on every website and the trailer sucked me in. I went to the Plaza Theatre here in Atlanta where they had it, and I waited for the movie to start.

The less you know about the film going into it, the better. This movie cooks just like a brisket with a great rub by Ethan Hawke and a wonderful injection of ideas, a great script, and a cast that are amazing, and once you make it through the entire film, you are going to need to rest before serving to others. Saying anymore would just ruin your appetite.

Bon Apetite!

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