Candyman ★★★½

I actually enjoyed the original Candyman. It was a solid horror film with a very interesting entity and villain because Tony Todd was iconic in the role with his chilling voice and adding into the story of how he became Candyman in the first place which was very interesting and impactful. The sequels weren’t the best but luckily this new one is negating those and is just a direct sequel to the original. With Jordan Peele as a producer, my hopes were instantly raised because this film looked to have quite a promising crew to continue the story in a new and interesting way. 

There might not be very many of Peeles’s fingerprints on this movie, but director Nia DaCosta did a solid job of continuing the legacy of Candyman by exploring the new Candyman in this film. It isn’t Tony Todd but rather Michael Hargrove who became Candyman for a completely different reason. We even discover that there have been other Candymen as well with Hargrove being the latest which was actually a very neat addition to the story. It sets up more potential movies with an interesting lore to go with it since the Candyman is such a compelling entity already. The actors in this movie were all decent especially our main character played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II who is a lot like the main character from the first film who becomes too obsessed with the legend and was basically like Virginia Madsen in the original film. Teyonah Paris is actually good too just like the rest of the cast. The callbacks to the original film were all very nice too and the visual representation of the weird stick puppet show callbacks was amusing but also a welcome addition because it felt like a child’s recreation of the events which fit well with this new Candyman. The blend of horror along with the continued theme of social commentary was something that DaCosta did very well here with the location being a big part of this commentary. The actual horror in this film is good and gory just like the original film and seeing the slow deterioration of our main character because of Candyman was done well just like the original film. The film did feel a bit short and I do wish a little bit more was explored when it came to the ending but the actual reveal about our main character was actually well done too with it tying directly into the continuation and this ending sets up more potential movies with how it ended here. There feels like a lot left to explore so I’m intrigued to see what they do next with it all. 

Conclusion: I’m glad to say this was a solid horror reboot. Definitely not fantastic by any means but still a good revival of a classic. I’m very intrigued to see where this series goes especially if DaCosta is returning as director. There is a lot to explore with the Candyman series and this felt like a great start to a revival of a franchise. 


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