Chaos Walking

Chaos Walking ★★

When the trailer first dropped for this movie I actually thought it was finally going to be the Tom Holland Uncharted movie. Then when I found out it wasn’t I was a little disappointed. With that said though I was still intrigued to see this film because it looked like an interesting idea for a story. The world looked cool and the cast seemed interesting so I thought it would at least be a decent film because of this. I never read the book this was based on so I wasn’t caring about it being faithful to the book. 

The world for this was an interesting idea on paper. However it just didn’t really come off as interesting in the film. The environment just felt flat and not very visually appealing in that sense. It just looked so generic and dull that I just couldn’t enjoy the cinematography in this. The idea of being able to hear all of the men’s thoughts seemed like an interesting idea too but ended up just being a lot more annoying than I thought it would be. This is especially true when it came to Tom Holland’s character because his “noise” just never seemed to shut up and it was just annoying after awhile. Mainly because all it said was that he was Todd Hewitt over and over again and it just never seemed to stop saying that. The characters in this movie are also extremely boring and uninteresting so it ended up being a pretty big bore fest of flat and wooden characters that have no personality. I think Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley definitely tried their best but they just ended up having no chemistry together. They just couldn’t make up for the very bland dialogue that is just confusing exposition at many points. The villain in this movie played by Mass Mikkelsen doesn’t really make any sense with his motivation either. It feels like he barely even has a motive aside from he’s the bad guy so there wasn’t even an interesting conflict especially since the twist they set up is so blatantly obvious that you know what it is almost straight away. I just groaned when it happened because I knew it was coming and I was just waiting for it. Nick Jonas’ character was completely useless so he was just a ticket seller because he was barely even in it to begin with. This movie just had no personality mainly because the characters are as flat as a piece of paper and when both leads aren’t the least bit interesting, it doesn’t exactly make for a compelling film and the relationship they develop is beyond forced to say the least. It doesn’t even feel like there was character development in this film because it felt like no arcs got resolved. Not to mention the anticlimactic battle between Tom Holland and Mass Mickellsen. That might’ve been one of the lamest ways for a villain to be defeated. With all of this said though I can’t exactly say that I hated it because even though it still has tons of problems, I still ended up having a good enough time with it. It was more of a frustrating thing in hindsight but I didn’t dislike it while watching it. It was a decent enough adventure to sit through that I can’t hate it too much. 

Conclusion: This film was just extremely forgettable in almost every way. Forgettable characters with a forgettable world and just all around uninteresting dialogue made for a bland experience. I don’t see this series continuing with the extremely negative reaction to this film and that’s probably for the best because this was not the best start. Don’t recommend checking this one out. I’m probably going to forget about it myself in a few days. 


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