Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this film going in. Despite seeing the trailer numerous times, I still wasn’t completely sure what I was going to get. The concept seemed like an interesting one so I thought it sounded interesting. It seemed like a typical revenge flick so my expectations weren’t that high. 

Well this definitely is a revenge flick but it’s done in a very interesting way that makes it stand out. Emerald Fennel’s direction here is quite fascinating and the story is laid out in such a way where you kind of know what’s going to happen but I was so invested that I figured it would take some interesting turns. To be fair it definitely did because by the end the story took a turn I definitely wasn’t expecting and I thought the movie was going to drag on but it ended up being such a wild time and was consistently entertaining throughout. Carey Mulligan is such a strong lead that she pretty much could’ve carried this movie on her own. We know she isn’t exactly the most likable person in the world but at the same time you can’t help but root for her especially with the purpose she’s serving for everyone involved here. You can’t help but love how she sets up these guys because it’s just so entertaining especially when she finally brings the hammer down and goes into her speeches. She’s just so captivating in these scenes and makes them so entertaining because of this. The majority of the supporting cast is pretty great too such as her love interest Bo Burnham. These two have solid chemistry together and the scenes they were together in were charming enough until later obviously if you’ve seen the film. Alison Brie also makes an appearance in this film and I feel like she keeps improving with each performance she gives and that’s no different here because she also does a solid job in her scenes with Mulligan. Also I just loved that Clancy Brown was in this even if he’ll never be anything but Eugene Krabs to me and a lot of other people. The story overall is very tragic and will get a lot of people talking once they’ve seen the film about the importance of these issues. It’s definitely a film worth discussing just like bringing these issues up is important. It’ll get people talking but in a good way. That ending was just so satisfying too and will make most people very satisfied with how it ended as well. Some people might hate it but personally I thought it was fantastic. It gives you a real sense of joy once it ends and just how creative and genius Mulligan’s character is. She is a Promising Young Woman after all. I simply cannot praise the character writing enough here because it’s done very well. I will say my only complaint was that the film had pacing issues at times particularly in the beginning of the third act because some of it felt like padding. Definitely not too big of an issue though because it’s still very well written and entertaining too. It’s definitely a film to remember. 

Conclusion: This film exceeded my expectations for sure. It’s a very well written and directed revenge flick with a very strong female lead in Carey Mulligan. It’s a film I definitely want to watch again because it’s something to remember. Give Emerald Fennel more work because this was definitely a quality film to start off with for a director. Go watch it and judge it for yourself. 


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