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The Scream series is a series I really enjoy. It’s one of the few horror series that I can consider to have all good films. Obviously the original is the best but I really think all of the sequels are at least solid. When I heard another was coming, I was pretty excited especially since it had been so long since the last one and seeing Sidney Prescott and company back again was very exciting to me. With Wes Craven no longer with us though, I was wondering if these filmmakers would have what it takes to make a Scream movie with everything that made Scream great to begin with. The trailer made it look very promising though so my expectations were pretty high. 

With this entry in the series just being called “Scream”, I knew that the characters in the movie would probably all be self aware about it. In typical Scream fashion, they acknowledge all of the typical horror movie tropes and how this is a requel of the original kind of like Halloween. Also talking about things in franchisees that made the fans angry so they make films like this to make up for it. One of the characters actually says they’re in the middle of a fan fiction it’s that blatant. The film is directly tying in the fictional series “Stab” to coincide with all of this since it talks about how one of them was either so hated or so loved and now they’re trying to make up for it. The film isn’t entirely focused on the original characters though as we’re introduced to some new characters. Yes some of them are annoying but that’s always been the case with Scream characters in my opinion. Dylan Minnette is in here for a brief time and I’ve always liked this guy so it’s a shame he was only in here for a brief while before being offed by the killer. His name was also Wes which may or may not have been a nod to Wes Craven. Marley Shelton also reprised her role as Judy Hicks but now she has taken over as Sheriff. They also end up tricking you by thinking the killer won’t care about her because she didn’t show up until the sequels but how wrong we were because nobody is safe from Ghostface this time. Melissa Barrera was a good lead actress for this role and she did great essentially being the next Sidney Prescott since this all revolves around her this time around. Jenna Ortega is her sister and she did great too. Their last name is Carpenter which is probably a nod to John Carpenter as well. We also find out that Barrera’s character is the daughter of Billy Loomis which is definitely one of the main reasons this is happening. We even see Billy appear as a hallucination in her head as she fears becoming like her dad. It’s very effective in showing how the history of these movies just keeps coming back even if it’s been a long time. The hallucination plays a huge part in the final fight too which was done very well. It’s not just new characters though as we see the original cast like Courtney Cox as Gale Weathers again. Cox never misses with this role as she is still smug, arrogant, yet likable and overly confident at the same time. Weathers always seems to have similar arcs in these movies mainly because she has to split up with Dewey again and again. That was one of my only gripes with this film because it was definitely unnecessary to have them broken up again. However David Arquette still is great as Dewey and the terrible cop/detective that he is. Last but not least, Neve Campbell comes back as Sidney Prescott and that was extremely satisfying Campbell never misses as this awesome character and I personally think Sidney Prescott has become one of the most iconic lead hero characters in horror history because of her performances never missing. Even if she’s not entirely the main focus, it’s still a part of her past coming back to haunt all of these new characters in none other than Woodsboro as always. This film did have some good kills though once again because that’s another thing these films are good at is the kills and they’re violent like always. When I mentioned nobody was safe, I really didn’t expect this film to kill off one of the original characters in the form of Dewey. This was the most shocking part of the film as I didn’t think they’d actually go through with killing off a legacy character but it’s explained that it’s one of the rules. The only saving grace being that we didn’t have to see him and Gale get together just to break up again. Still though this was kind of soul crushing in a way because yes Dewey is a terrible cop but still he’s been a staple of these movies and it’s hard to imagine this world without David Arquette being in it. As for when the killer is revealed, it was an awesome touch that the climax took place in the original house where Billy and Stu revealed themselves to be the killers. As for the reveal here, I pretty much knew it would be Amber and the boyfriend. Predictability aside, I really liked how they pretty much wanted to recreate everything and the motive of them being influenced by the movies too in order to rectify the mistakes of the past entries. The fight also results in arguably one of the best kills in the series when Amber gets set on fire because that was awesome. I felt like everyone from the cast got their moments. Sidney and Gale got their moments to shine but Sam and Tara also got to get shots in for both killers. Of course the trope that the killer comes back for a final scare was here but seeing Amber’s half burned face was honestly great and also hilarious. It topped off what was already a satisfying entry in this series. 

Conclusion: I don’t know if they’re going to make more of these movies. However this was a very good entry into the already great Scream franchise. Even without Wes Craven, these filmmakers did a great job at capturing what makes Scream such an entertaining series. I enjoyed it thoroughly and if you’re a fan of Scream, you will definitely like this one because I thought this was so well done for a “requel”. Definitely a great start to the year. 


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