The One and Only Ivan

The One and Only Ivan ★★

I never knew much about the story this film was based on so I didn’t know what to expect from it. I thought the casting choices seemed interesting and it seemed like an interesting kids film. I wasn’t really sure how memorable of a film it would be though. 

Well this film definitely has stunning visual effects so I’d say it earned its nomination. The expressions on the animals since the CGI on the animation is great and allowed them to be very expressive at times. I thought Sam Rockwell was a good choice to play Ivan and I thought he did a good job at voice acting this gorilla. Bryan Cranston as a circus ringmaster was quite the interesting choice but he was fine. Nothing really memorable like I was expecting though. Danny DeVito as a dog who is Ivan’s best friend was pretty interesting though and one of the only slightly entertaining things in the film. Aside from that though this movie really has little to offer. I thought it was very boring to be quite honest and it wasn’t even that long. None of the characters were really interesting and not really funny either. It’s as predictable of a story for a kids movie as you could imagine and you know exactly where it’s going once it gets past the first act. The baby elephant is cute I guess but yeah that’s all the movie really has to offer. Just a cutesy kids movie that really doesn’t offer much of anything memorable aside from the effects and that being it. I’ve already forgotten most of it honestly and it’s one of the most forgettable things I’ve seen from Disney in awhile. It just felt like the film had no substance to it and felt like the equivalent of watching nothing. Just a total nothing film that left almost no impact on me at all. I just felt no emotions by the end and I felt like I wasted my time to be quite honest. 

Conclusion: I literally have nothing to say about this film because it’s so forgettable. Not much to get hyped about other than the effects. The acting is fine from everyone but it’s just a movie that kids will probably like and nothing more. Just a very weak film from Disney overall. I’d say just look at the effects because this film really isn’t worth sitting through all the way. Not getting a recommendation from me. 


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