Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★½

As a fan of some of Guy Ritchie’s work I was always going to check out his next film. I’m a huge Jason Statham too and this combination has worked together in the past so I was on board with this already. I didn’t know what to make of the trailer but it seemed to be a revenge/heist movie and that also seemed fascinating. I was ready to see what Guy Ritchie had in store for us this time around. 

I honestly thought this movie was pretty funny at times especially in the beginning. The nicknames given to Statham’s teammates were extremely amusing to me and I can’t figure out why but names like “Boy Sweat Dave” made me laugh a lot. Once again Guy Ritchie’s style shines here because he takes a typical revenge flick and makes it stand out with his unique dialogue and character interactions that help them stand out amongst other revenge flicks. He just seems to have this tongue in cheek style humor that I find really amusing especially when it’s extremely insincere and ironic so it makes this movie a lot better. Of course my man Jason Statham does a great job here. The way he pretends to be weaker than his colleagues but he’s actually insane and powerful was very amusing and he just has this awesome poker face that makes him even cooler. Yes he’s played this kind of character before but I really liked his character here and found his background quite interesting especially since it isn’t fully explored. How exactly he became such a big mob boss isn’t really explored but still he came across as a genuine tough guy who could kill you instantly when he wants. Why exactly he wants revenge we’ve seen before and honestly we’ve seen this story done many times before but it still managed to be an enjoyable ride. I liked how the film was divided up too because I thought it was a well structured film when it comes to shifting the points of view for the story from Statham to other characters including the guys he’s trying to get revenge on. It actually felt like a smooth flowing narrative despite the amount of flashbacks there were. All of the gunfights and action sequences were pretty good as well. They’re not groundbreaking or anything like that but they were still very entertaining. I will say that the villains are pretty stock for the most part and just your generic bad guys and even though the film tried to make some of them interesting, it didn’t really work too well and this was when the film started to drag a little bit near the third act since a lot of it involved them explaining their very elaborate plan and it’s definitely not very exciting to watch and this was easily the low point of the film. There was also a very predictable twist at the beginning of the third act that I kind of rolled my eyes at but it wasn’t the worst I’ve seen and luckily the climax of the movie was very exciting and chaotic so that made up for it. All around it was still a well directed film since Guy Ritchie has a unique style and even though this isn’t his best work, it was still well done for what it was and I thoroughly enjoyed myself with it. 

Conclusion: Definitely a solid flick. Statham kills it here and it’s overall a very fun movie mostly because of him. Ritchie’s directing is once again great and it’s definitely a solid revenge flick. Nothing spectacular but thoroughly entertaining and satisfying. Check it out when you can because it’s great fun. 


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