Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★★★

Oddly enough, I loved the trailer of CMBN beforehand. Imagine my surprise when the trailer passed on by in its entirety the firt half hour or so. Did the attraction seem too rushed, or the editing iffy?

Who knows. It was intringuing anyway and the second and third acts more than compensate for the (lack of) fluidity right from the start. Especially the joyous and stirring final one.

I never imagine I'd both swoon and laugh AND cringe at "Words" (Don't Come Easy). I'd never imagined I'd swoon at little Elio's bold moves with flirtation towards infatuation. I'd never imagine "Visions of Gideon" was the last choice of song here; to devastating effects. You bet I cursed Guadagnino for melting my heart away with that last, prolongued shot.

You also bet Chalamet is a match made in heaven for Guadagnino's vibrant colors and restless camerawork. A star is born at 21. YOU made me fall in love with you, Timmy. Now, slay all the girls and boys around, you little charismatic, clever, livewire kid. You're too damm sexy for Milan, New York or even Japan. No wonder Almodovar likes you best. He knows Live Flesh when he sees it.

UPDATE: I wish there was no panning out THAT scene. It's a minor quibble, though. To all that felt it drags, surely get lost in translation this is from the protagonists hyperactive mind's POV and that summer days can be lazy, boring, repetitive, gorgeous, full of music, irrepressible hormones and -why not?-unforgettable, too.

UPDATE 2: On my third viewing half a star more it's what this film deserves. Meaning not only I consider this a Masterpiece but automatically enters "the list". Chalamet is a freaking miracle. I appreciated more, this time around, Hammer's vulnerability and Amira Casar's glances, providing the saying "Mother Know's Best" it's no cliché at all. Fuck the "minor quibble"!

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