Green Book

Green Book ★★½

I'm here to say these Awards season sucks and blows.

Here's proof! Some of the dialogues are incredibly cliched. I laughed at them NOT with them. Golden Globe winner over Blakkklansmann, YAY!

Kudos to Farrelly in reaching for that cinematographer, whoever he is. The color palette was all about I could concentrate on, really. It is surprisingly well lensed. The nicest thing I'do is reccomending this to my Grandma... If I had one. So no rec.
Bring your Grannies, tho. They'll love Pac-Man Viggo.

UPDATE: I've decided to be more "indulgent" with a myopic film whose only interest is bringing pleasure to the audiences. I don't understand the criticism about "accuracies". Want accurate or "ethical" depiction of human beings?? Go see a documentary!!
This film it's flawed because its POV decided Dr. Shirley is a freaking "alien". As some have said, a member of Black Exceptionalism. But it's the POV their writers/director decided to choose for Don Shriley to have a "conflict" out of both characters other than the White/Black same old stuff. As it is, suceeds... if only Mortensen had not been that LAZY to learn how to properly spell Italian. He's a stereotype of a stereotype. Not Italian Exceptionalism for him. So it's good for a Sunday afternoon, only. When it rains and the Internet is off.

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