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  • The Wild Bunch

    The Wild Bunch


    Sam Peckinpah’s blood-drenched Western masterpiece sent shock-waves through critics and audiences in 1969, introducing a never-before-seen level of realistic violence into the quintessential American film genre. The Wild Bunch also features a memorable cast of characters played perfectly by a tried-and-true cast of grizzled acting veterans. It tells the story of encroaching civilization closing in around an aging band of outlaws, whose considerable skills and smarts may not be enough to keep them prosperous (or alive) anymore. This is a true classic, as the consistent acclaim it has received across some 45 years aptly demonstrates.

  • Bullitt



    If you know Bullitt, it’s likely because it is credited with showcasing the first “modern” car chase scene in movie history, an action-packed 11-minute thrill ride through the streets of San Francisco. This scene is vastly superior to anything else going on in the movie, which unfolds sedately by modern standards. The plot is serviceable, and Steve McQueen is super-cool as the title character, even if his character is something of a massive cliche. Watching a movie like Bullitt now…

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  • Dinosaur



    The original plan for Dinosaur was to make it without any dialogue, a bold and innovative idea that was apparently not marketable enough for nervous Disney executives. The film opens with a stunning sequence that seamlessly combines gorgeous live-action backdrops with computer-generated dinosaur characters set to a pulse-pounding orchestral score. Then the characters start talking and the magic abruptly departs, replaced with a predictable plot and a distinct lack of thrills.

  • Blade Runner

    Blade Runner


    In the future (2019), humanity has created hyper-advanced androids, known as replicants, to work in off-world colonies. The replicants, which are nearly indistinguishable from humans, have been declared illegal on planet Earth, where they are hunted and terminated by “blade runners.” One such blade runner, Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), faces the biggest challenge of his career when he is assigned to track down four rogue replicants who have hijacked a ship back to Earth and disappeared into the hive of…