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  • Wildlife



    Sadly this didn't register in the film landscape when it premiered and outside of great reviews was hurried without even a physical release. I always ment to pick it up, Criterion Collection finally decided to shone light on this little gem. A beautifully mundane and sad movie about charcaters lost.

    Paul Dano is a director that has clearly observed his peers and his debut is incredibly disciplined. His camera work is mostly static, framing its characters in so much negative…

  • Ordinary Love

    Ordinary Love


    An incredibly acted and directed movie about the mundanity of tragedy that doesn't have a good enough script to make it incredibly memorable. Not that I needed giant moments or plot twists but I didn't think enough charcater work was behind these characters. What life the actors brought seemed to be more than the script provided. Being about and "ordinary" couple i knew the film would be subtle but almost more than necessary. Leslie Manville commands the screen and has…

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  • Knives Out

    Knives Out


    Finnaly a movie that is as fun for its audience to watch as the actors had making it.

    I was nervous going into this, I've enjoyed Rian Johnson films, but I've always had problems. He plays with genre and tone but suffered in execution. This subverts expectations instantly and always seems to be one step ahead, all while never being cheap or relying on trickery. The script is very tight and so very well written. You can see the pieces…

  • The Irishman

    The Irishman


    A concise and thoughtful take on a genre that Martin Scorsese has tackled many times. Going into this was stacked a bit agaisnt me, I'm not a fan of gangster films and its runtime was intimidating, even when you enjoy long films. And I haven't seen many of Scorsesses other works in the genre.

    The film flys by. Its deliberate in pace to be sure. Moments breathe and charcaters grow, in very subtle ways. The whole movie is far more…