Possessor ★★★★½

After months of hype being heaped upon this, I was thrilled to be able to see this in a theater, albeit an hour away, but seeing the uncut, clearly NC-17 presentation was a blast. While the movie is clearly arthouse horror, more intrigued on posing ideas and shock value, used extremely well, this won't be everyone's cup of tea. But this went down insanely well with me, easily one of my favorites of the year.

A sci fi, futuristic body horror movie this depicts a near future of sorts that feels believable and just distinct enough to separate itself from reality. The technology used to allow our lead to inhabitant or possess people's body, is explained just enough for us to understand is inner workings. Charcater is also something given in broad strokes that gives us insight that visually tells the movie, we never fully understand intentions which allows thoughtful neaunced story. Lastly plot is light, there certainly is plot but it's the least explained and arguably loses itself in the many themes and styles of the movie.

The movie works becuase of Cronenburg and his clear handle on visual style and substance. It's bleak but harshly beautiful color plate is hypnotising, with assured camera work and sudden bursts of extreme gore that shock and disoreint the viewer. Dedicated to world building and high concept premises the movie nails every aspect through beautifully edited sequences that capture the struggle of ownership of self and identity. Some very artsy momemts of pure visual insanity that disoriented me, while drawing me in deeper. Perhaps the film is straight up a posseson story, or you could read into it deeper with stuggle of sexual representation.

I loved this movie deeply, I love how it was single mindeldy dedicated to a story of identity wrapped in intresting world building and plot. Its heady stuff, with a healthy dose of abugity and gore. It doesn't apologise for its darkness and morally is uncompromising. Just the visual style alone won me over, but the icy performances and intrigue just kept me on board. The ending was perfect and since watching I've had manu different intreptations. Strongly one of my favorites of the year.

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