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  • Pete's Dragon

    Pete's Dragon


    This may very well be the first Disney live action remake that I enjoyed more than the original animated version. This movie was magical from beginning to end. I really felt for the dragon and the way his story played out. I almost got teary eyed during one scene. It has a happy ending, which is always a great thing. Worth watching, even if you don't like the original animated movie.

  • Crystal Inferno

    Crystal Inferno


    I'm a sucker for grade b disaster movies and this one has it all. The taller the building the harder it is to fight a fire on a high floor. This movie is the equivalent of a modern day Towering Inferno (though not nearly as good by a long shot). The characters in this movie are worth liking, and you feel for them when they are going through their ordeal. If you love grade B disaster movies, you should give this one a try, it's one of the better ones of 2017.

Popular reviews

  • Just Getting Started

    Just Getting Started


    I wanted to love this movie but it did not have a single redeeming quality. The cast had so much potential and yet the story and writing was really awful. I would not recommend this movie to anyone. While intended to be a comedy, the comedy comes off as super lame.

  • Kong: Skull Island

    Kong: Skull Island


    Oh King Kong, why have you forsaken me? I love King Kong and was dying to see this movie when it came out. It's not only terrible, it's unwatchable. It had so much potential with it's cast and concept but the story line, plot, and dialogue killed this movie dead before it began.