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  • City Lights

    City Lights


    "Tomorrow the birds will sing."

    Fantasy bastardized by reality, escalation of jokes despite the harshness shining further and further through -- does the flower girl accept him for who he is? The answer to that question is not what makes it devastating, what makes it devastating is the fact that it is only a film... Chaplin is as pure as they come.

  • Djinn



    Tobe Hooper at his most moving and profound -- strongly atmospheric and always deeply meditative. A horror film that is built on the fear of ideas, not things. A major work, but that goes without saying.

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  • Dunkirk


    Initially when Nolan cited Bresson's influence on this film I was confused, I couldn't see the connection. As the film's marketing began to ramp up and I began to see more and more actual footage from the film, I became even more hesitant of Nolan's statement. Now that I have actually seen the film, I can confidently say that Nolan's comments are some of the most disrespectful I have ever heard come out a filmmaker's mouth regarding the medium. Rest…

  • Silver Linings Playbook

    Silver Linings Playbook


    Jennifer Lawrence: I'm crazy.

    Bradley Cooper: Nooooo, I'm crazy.

    Jennifer Lawrence: I'm crazier.

    Bradley Cooper: Nooooo, I'm crazier.

    Jennifer Lawrence: I want to win an Oscar.

    Bradley Cooper: Nooooo, I want to win an Oscar.

    Robert De Niro: Don't forget about me! I care about acting again!

    122 minutes. 122 minutes of this. That's 122 minutes too long.