Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness ★★★½

A pretty “meh” script is elevated by Marvel’s usual great cast and the fact that they allowed their director to give the film something of a unique flavor. It oddly struggles with some important aspects like giving its villain proper motivation, keeping a solid sense of humor and landing emotional beats. Perhaps it’s biggest issue is that it doesn’t actually explore its concept nearly as much as it could have.

That said, it is basically saved in the directing chair. This is the first Marvel film in a while where it feels like the director picked the tone more than the studio. This film is much darker and more gothic than a blockbuster has been in some years, occasionally dipping into full on horror. Raimi is also given some degree of free reign over the visuals. The camera is doing some very interesting and weird things, and he fully embraces the visual opportunities offered by the films choice of villain.

This is not a great film, but it is fun. Oddly; in some ways it fails at marvels usual slam dunks, while succeeding where most MCU films fall short. It’s a mixed bag, but I’m glad to see it mixed in a new way.

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