Mank ★★★★

Mank is an impeccably crafted film that suffers a bit from which aspects of its subject’s life it chooses to focus on. Fincher is one of the strongest directors working today, and so it’s no surprise that Mank manages to be incredibly entertaining and a visual feast. The decision to make the film using the film and sound styles of the day help put you right in the time period with the characters.

As well, every single actor brings their A game, which makes up for the fact that most characters are a tad underwritten. Though you do come away from the film feeling like you know Mank himself, the film tries to depict his relationships with a few too many people, leaving all of the relationships a touch wanting. Also, the film makes the odd decision to base much of its driving force off of political differences between the characters. While this makes sense and is perhaps historically accurate, it ultimately feels less satisfying than if said drive was based on more personal conflicts. Mank is certainly worth a watch, especially for film fans, but it is not quite as great as it feels like it should be.

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