The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man ★★★★

Keep in mind that this film is nearly 90 years old. Coming with that, you can expect some over-the-top performances, no nuance whatsoever, and a very inconsistent sense of plot progression, all remnants of the very early days of filmmaking. That said, it is an incredibly engrossing film.

There are largely two factors for why the film is so interesting. The first is, of course, the effects. Though they seem very simple in this day and age, the effects still look great, and convey the lead character's invisibility in creative and unnerving ways. It does truly call to mind what it may be like to have somebody around that you couldn't see.

The other real engrossing factor is the lead performance from Claude Rains. Wonderfully theatrical, Rains manages to portray enough madness to make his character unnervingly unpredictable, but he still restrains the character enough for us to connect to him.

All in all, The Invisible Man still holds up very well, and at a brisk 71 minutes, it's definitely worth a viewing for fans intrigued by the early days of filmed horror