• Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

    Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery


    Did you like Knives out? If you did, then you'll like Glass Onion. Rian Johnson continues so much of what made the first film successful: constant fun twists, a narrative that truly keeps you guessing, really biting social commentary. What more, he does it all without just repeating the first film's beats. While there is some rhyming between this film and its predecessor, the story is different, the twists are different, and the focus, while just as much a take-down…

  • The Fabelmans

    The Fabelmans


    A brilliant film. Far from just being the Spielberg origin story I expected, The Fabelmans is an emotional and fascinating treatise on the tug of war between art and life. Fantastic performances all around, especially from the three main characters. Williams and Dano perfectly compliment each other as very disparate members of a married couple, and Gabriel LaBelle is a fantastic presence. He's an observer, but he's still interesting to watch in his own right.

    The themes of this movie…

  • Bones and All

    Bones and All


    A very interesting and beautifully made film with very strong performances. The ending is somewhat frustratingly abrupt, but it's an emotional and refreshingly matter of fact take on both the romance and horror genres.

  • Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

    Black Panther: Wakanda Forever


    I hate to say it, but Black Panther: Wakanda Forever continues Marvel’s recent trend towards messiness. There’s a solid story in this one about Shuri coming to terms with her grief while war brews with a mysterious new nation. Unfortunately, the film gets caught in the weeds by adding way to many other elements.

    This over complication leads to the primary emotional through line to not land as hard as it could have. There are several good scenes that handle…

  • TÁR



    A masterful portrait of a fascinating character, who is equal parts brilliant and awful. Lydia Tár is so fascinating for how fully fleshed out she is. There is nothing that feels false, that feels created by a writer or actress to fulfill a narrative or theme. Everything just feels like a person. Blanchett is one of our greatest actors alive (if not who ever lived) and Tár fully allows her to show why. This truly is a character I don't…

  • Werewolf by Night

    Werewolf by Night


    This film sets out to be a fun gothic diversion and it achieves just that. The look is a very cool homage to the old universal monster movies. This is the film's greatest strength, as it highlights what made those films so great. There's not a lot to it, but that's ok, some movies are just mean to be fun diversions.

  • Breaking



    Breaking is a powerful film that deals with many modern day injustices in a surprisingly deft manner. The film is a true slow burn, full of long, talky scenes that ultimately build up to a fascinating portrait of troubled people who have been let down by the system.

    Boyega is absolutely revelatory here. He conveys all of the layers within his character, and all the personality traits fighting for dominance. It’s hard to take your eyes off of him. He…

  • Elvis



    I am generally not a fan of Baz Luhrmann’s so color me surprised that I actually enjoyed this film. It’s not amazing, and it has all of the director’s trademark excesses all over it, but at its core something about it works. It is ultimately going through the motions of a music biopic, but with a sort of off kilter energy that keeps it from getting stale. The script is thin but Austin Butler manages to be an effective heart,…

  • Barbarian



    There are a lot of cool, interesting things going on in Barbarian, but I find that they ultimately add up to something that's less than the sum of its parts. It's fun to watch the constant plot twists, but at the end of the day there's not much more there. It does have some elements that deal with how dangerous it is to be a woman in the world. These themes are interesting, but occasionally seem at odds with, rather…

  • The Woman King

    The Woman King


    A great, entertaining and well made historical action drama. Fantastic costume design and anchored very well by Viola Davis' fierce yet vulnerable performance. Great filmmaking overall, although unfortunately the script is just good. It sort of tries to do too much, while also occasionally feeling a bit basic. Still very worth seeing, and a great example of a kind of film that doesn't get made often enough anymore.

  • Octopussy



    I am so amazed I had as much fun as I did with this. Don’t get me wrong, it’s far from top tier Bond, but it’s also far from the franchise nadir it had been hyped up as.

    There are, of course, the usual problems. It’s too long, the main villain is a bore, the action is slow. That said, after the self seriousness of For Your Eyes Only, the fact that this film embraces its goofiness is a plus.…

  • For Your Eyes Only

    For Your Eyes Only


    For Your Eyes Only feels like it's trying to be Roger Moore's From Russia With Love. It's a lot more grounded and realistic than the rest of his Bond films, with a more serious tone. Unfortunately, without the wackiness, all it has to go on is its plot and filmmaking, and those are just not up to snuff. Bond plots in general tend to be convoluted, but this one is almost entirely incomprehensible. The action is also more mundane. Perhaps…