Movieman630 has written 4 reviews for films rated ★★ during 2020.

  • The Frighteners

    The Frighteners

    The Frighteners is fascinating to watch with the context that it led to the creation of what is, in my opinion, the greatest film of all time. Peter Jackson's ability to keep this film's budget small, despite it's heavy use of visual effects, is what led to New Line Cinema greenlighting The Lord of the Rings Trilogy with him as the director.

    That makes it so much odder that this film is, well, not very good. There is a very…

  • The Searchers

    The Searchers

    There's always an interesting question when you judge an older film: do you judge it by the standards of the time, or by current standards? In general, I try to keep the time in mind, but still be honest about my feelings about it. In that way I must say I understand the influence of The Searchers, but I simply don't feel it holds up anymore.

    The film's story actually has quite a bit of promise. A racist former soldier…

  • Bad Boys

    Bad Boys

    Bad Boys is painfully 90s and painfully Michael Bay in some of the worst ways.

    Now, I have nothing against the 90s, or Michael Bay. However, this being Bay's first movie he hadn't quite figured out how to film an engaging action scene yet. When you strip that away and leave the rest of his style... it doesn't come out to too much here. To call this script thin would be an understatement. It feels like a sequel, as though…

  • Extraction


    Extraction is something of a frustrating experience. On the one hand, everybody involved clearly gave it their all. The performances are strong, the action is very well staged and choreographed, and the film generally looks good. Unfortunately, it all falls apart with the story.

    Now, not every action movie needs to have a good story to be good. In fact, some amazing action films have stories that are just there. However, the story needs to fit the film. Extraction never…