The Worst Person in the World

The Worst Person in the World ★★★★★

This is the second film that will be an Oscar contender, to give off the feeling of butterflies and have me smiling for multiple periods of time. The whole freezing time sequence radiates so much of this energy, and then some! That’s not all though, throughout this web of relationships, there are a lot of emotional and heartbreaking moments too.

Renate Reinsve is fantastic in this emotionally layered performance! She will also have you mistaking her for Dakota Johnson throughout.

The story does a great job with the back and forth of these relationships. It also did a great job relating over the feeling of belonging and your place in this world. Without that, it’s very tricky to not find yourself lost. That is brought out within these characters quite well. The cinematography is great as well and provides a lot of dreamy visuals and some that are just cool and pleasing to look at.

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