Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★★

Emerald Fennell has crafted one of the most bold, smart, vibrant, and uncompromising films I’ve ever seen for her glowing directorial debut in “Promising Young Woman”. Never has a film been able to brutally expose the harsh, disgusting, and unfortunately prevalent culture based on how we view rape and sexual assault in such a way that’s equal parts disturbing, challenging, and provocative by the end of it. But it’s also darkly funny in many places, the visual style is gorgeous and pops off the screen, and the screenplay brilliantly takes its story in many shocking, unpredictable directions that make the experience all the more entertaining to watch unfold. Carey Mulligan also gives the performance of the year, and possibly of her whole career, bringing to life a character so inherently damaged and complex but everything about her also feels fully fleshed out and multi-layered, creating a ferociously strong presence that commands the screen in nearly every frame she’s in. It’s certainly a highly twisted piece of work that’s going to divide many viewers for a fact, but it’s also one of the few movies this year that will leave me still thinking about it for a long time to come.

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