Spencer ★★★★½

“Spencer” brings quite an unconventional telling of Princess Diana in which director Pablo Larraín instead paints her in a constant sense of anxiety and paranoia, therefore creating such an uneasy, nearly claustrophobic sense of place that makes us feel just as confined and isolated as she is. In turn, it almost becomes scarier than even most horror films today as we are put strictly in Diana’s head only to feel her inner pains and emotional torment to such a degree that it can become uncomfortable at times. All of this is largely due to a simply brilliant, career-defining lead performance from Kristen Stewart whom perfectly exhibits every bit of these emotions and feelings in such a beautifully nuanced way and ultimately anchors the film throughout in a turn that feels so powerfully raw, delicate, and vulnerable all at once. And when blended with the exquisite production value, strikingly gorgeous cinematography, and a truly haunting yet captivating score, it creates such a feast for the eyes and ears to behold whilst crafting one of the most compelling, utterly hypnotizing character studies I’ve seen placed to film in recent memory.

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