Tenet ★★★★

Like most of Christopher Nolan’s films, “Tenet” is a wholly original, complex, ambitious, and visually marvelous work of spectacle filmmaking that’s truly one to behold on the biggest screen possible. From its gripping, meticulously crafted action sequences, an excellent score, great performances, brilliantly fast-paced editing and outstanding cinematography and practical effects, it’s yet another massively impressive technical achievement that finds Nolan further upping his game as one of the most gifted filmmakers working today. That being said, it’s a film that can get overly complicated as it goes on for some viewers and a lot of its story elements can be difficult to gather on one complete sitting, proving why multiple viewings are highly required to fully take everything in. And while it admittedly doesn’t entirely work on a character or emotional level, it’s still a fully unique, interesting, and perplexing take on the spy thriller that makes for a fully compelling watch while further elevated by the immensely strong talents behind and in front of the camera. All in all, if you feel safe enough to go back to the movies right now, this is definitely one worth taking the chance to see.

And just on a quick side note, being able to see a movie like “Tenet” in a theater again (safely, of course, and while screened in glorious 70mm) felt completely invigorating, especially after we’ve been forced to stay home for so long thanks to this goddamn pandemic. And now, I honestly hope theaters won’t die out in the near future because it’s another important home to me and a life without the movies isn’t one I want to be a part of.

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