Raw ★★★½

A very realistic horror film about a woman who develops a taste for flesh while away at veterinary school, it is a slow burn with all sorts of disturbing imagery and surreal situations. Garance Marillier is convincing as Justine, a quiet but powerful portrayal of a woman discovering her true self. French horror never fails to deliver because it’s always pushing boundaries and willing to go to really strange and unnerving places. There were two scenes in particular that absolutely disgusted me. Cannot unsee. Even still, director Julia Ducournau shows some serious skills while the cinematography evokes shades of Suspiria

My only real nitpick was all the hazing rituals going on at this veterinary school. Is that really how it is? If you’ve made it that far I feel like you’d be focused purely on your studies instead of being some frattish douchebro making some poor kid’s life hell. I know they need a release but it seemed excessive.