Stir of Echoes ★★★★

An unnerving, claustrophobic ghost story from screenwriter David Koepp, his best work in my opinion. Kevin Bacon stars as a man who becomes receptive to a female ghost haunting his home after being hypnotized at a party. There's something special in how this film presents its characters, a blue color family just trying to make it in Chicago. Their young son can communicate with spirits, much like Haley Joel "I see dead people" Osment in The Sixth Sense released about a month prior, but it has the same effect. I wonder if there was any executive meddling to include more of the kid given Sixth Sense's success. Bacon's wife is played by the eternal MILF Kathryn Erbe, who is rocking the late 90's slightly goth/Wicca look that I always had a thing for thanks to Charmed.

It's efficient but also takes its time; there's almost no fat to trim. The scares are still effective and the hypnosis sequences are an avant-garde highlight. Highly recommended.