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  • Paddleton



    Ray Romano is absolutely killing it on Netflix this month. First his stand-up special which was great and now this heartfelt buddy dramedy. Not to under sale Mark Duplass who's awesome as always.

  • Code of Silence

    Code of Silence


    One of Norris's better films. Vintage 80s style macho ass kicking action film

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  • What Doesn't Kill Us

    What Doesn't Kill Us


    The living dead as metaphor has been done before, but this low-budget Mockumentary runs with it pretty well and you can tell everyone involved really cared about the project. That enthusiasm couldn't help but bleed over into my overall enjoyment of the film. Well-acted and it kept a smile on my face throughout it's duration.

    Of all the films I've seen in 2019 thus far, it is, indeed, the best

  • Residue



    This is definitely a strange one but it did scratch the Lovecraft itch I had so I went with it. Max Headroom and The Smoking Man both in this horror-comedy was also an unexpected plus.