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  • The Oblong Box

    The Oblong Box


    A tantalizing treat for Price fans. This (extremely loosely) based Poe horror tale is concise, nicely acted, and surprisingly gritty (for its rating)

  • Mad Doctor of Blood Island

    Mad Doctor of Blood Island


    Fun exploitative schlock even if you'll get vertigo every time the monster comes on screen. Wish I saw it theatrically as that 'green blood' sure looks tasty.

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  • Amy Schumer: Growing

    Amy Schumer: Growing


    The joke stealing 'comedian' who effectively killed the way that Netflix worked forever two years ago is back to inflict some more pain and misery to anyone foolhardy enough to stream this crap.

  • The Black Gloves

    The Black Gloves


    Exquisite cinematography highlights this fairly engaging well-done horror noir. I enjoyed it overall.