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  • Day of Wrath

    Day of Wrath


    The image of Anna Svierkier as Herlofs Marte being burned at the stake, and the searing eyes of Lisbeth Movin (in a brilliant performance as Anne), Rev. Absalon's second wife, will live forever in my memory. Movin's character evolves from being the innocent and naive young wide-eyed wife of a much older man - to the selfish lovesick cheater she ends up becoming. With eyes like that, she could easily do horror films.

    Carl Theodor Dreyer represents the 1940s as…

  • No End in Sight

    No End in Sight


    This is not really a documentary about war in the traditional sense. There is very little of soldiers fighting, artillery, squadrons or shooting. This is a very focused documentary about the people behind the war and the results of their very unfortunate and wholly ignorant decisions. I say that as objectively as possible because the results speak for themselves. If the goal of the invasion of Iraq in March 2003 was to completely dismantle and render the country useless for…

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  • D. Wade: Life Unexpected

    D. Wade: Life Unexpected


    This is not a 30-for-30 episode, but it is an interesting look at Dwyane Wade’s basketball career, even though it focuses far more on his family life. The basketball highlights are there, hitting the peaks of his eventual Hall of Fame career (the guy is a lock). We learn more about how he got to where he was, and how he bacame a single parent to all boys, ultimately adding a baby in his eventual marriage to Gabrielle Monique Union.…

  • Hotel Magnezit

    Hotel Magnezit


    Who would have thought that Béla Tarr could make a film (even as short as this one) with nothing but dialogue, and use that dialogue so effectively? Available on the Artificial Eye blu-ray of The Turin Horse, this is only 10 minutes in length, about an old man being thrown out of a work hostel over a petty theft, but it is pretty intense and worthwhile viewing.

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  • Pain and Glory

    Pain and Glory


    Antonio Banderas has never been better as Salvador Mallo, an aging writer-director who looks back at aspects of his life with sadness and regret. His story is told through flashbacks of him as a nine-year-old boy (with his mother played by the wonderful Penélope Cruz) and much more recently, just before his aging mother dies (not played by Penélope Cruz). She surprises him by saying that he was not always the best son to her, and her death leaves him…

  • Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems


    The Safdie brothers continue the fast-paced, feverishly stressful style they set forth in Good Time. In that film, they had Robert Pattinson, and people were saying "Oh, he CAN act!" and here we have Adam Sandler doing very much the same thing. Absolute chaos is what best describes this film and the world of Howard Ratner, quite possibly the film character of the year. He navigates a lifestyle that is as stress-inducing in its audience as anything I have witnessed…