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  • Ghostbusters
  • Jaws
  • Frankenhooker
  • Friday the 13th

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  • Baby Oopsie


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    Porn stars film sexy time on a Texas Ranch that is owned by an elderly couple.

    Old lady gets horny and wants to go to rainbow mountain, husband has erectile dysfunction for 3 quarters of the film.

    A boyfriend films his girlfriend riding a pornstars gigantic meatpole, boyfriend then cries in shower.

    Old lady wants to ride young meat pole.

    The old lady and husband fight porn stars.

    Lots of Peaches and winnebagos, a quick glance at a Banana.

    Not enough Bananas in this.

    A fun watch.

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  • Baby Oopsie

    Baby Oopsie


    Satanic killer baby? Heck yeah.

    Baby oopsie is a spinoff from Demonic Toys. It tells the tale of a killer doll that needs to spill blood in order to keep ticking.

    To some this most likely looks like a Child's Play rip off, but it's far from that, it holds it's own and and manages to have a morbid desire to make you chuckle with dark Vulgar humor while also delivering us with some brutal but comic book style kills…

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  • Nope



    What Jaws does for water, Nope does for the Sky.

    Fantastic Cinematography, great acting with elements of intensity and light scares.

    Jordan Peele has another successful film added to his creative and engaging style of movies.

    Jordan Peeles Nope is a perfect companion piece to Steven Spielbergs Jaws. If you're looking to have a movie night with friends, watch Jaws and Nope back to back when Nope is out to own on DVD and Blu Ray.

  • Shark Bait

    Shark Bait


    Shark Bait is about a bunch of self serving young assholes that steal jet Skis and then decide that'll be a great idea to play chicken with the jet skis...............it doesn't end well. The Jet Skis break down and these hard to like simpletons get stalked by a shark.

    I hated the young adults in this one, I was cheering for the Shark to chew them like bubblegum.

    Overall the Shark didn't look too bad for a low budget Shark movie, the cinematography was decent, the acting was mid par.

    I'd watch this any day over the Legendary dumpfest that is Shark Exorcist.