Captain Fantastic

Captain Fantastic ★★★★½

Captain Fantastic may have been my favorite film of Sundance 2016. Viggo Mortenson is a home schooling father with six children in the wilderness forest somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. The film opens with him teaching his oldest son to hunt a deer by making him kill it with only a knife and wrestling it to the ground. The young actor who plays the oldest son was amazing. The family must leave their forest home to attend a funeral, and the children come to realize how isolated they are from the real material world, and how they may have book knowledge, but they don't know how to interact with other people outside the family. The oldest son wants to go away to college, but fears his father's reaction.

Viggo is the only person I can imagine in this role. He is exceptional. All the kids are fantastic, and have great chemistry together and with Viggo.

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