Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★

Guy Richie has a lot of style and talent that is wasted on confused screenplays. "Wrath of Man" is a revenge flick that actually is a much more enjoyable heist film. Due to Richie's desire to tell a plot out of order you don't really care about Jason Statham's quest for revenge until about halfway through. Even then, you still don't know his character well enough to care. He is so one dimensional and although Statham is a fun actor he isn't a good enough one to elevate the writing.
But the robbers who Statham is seeking revenge on they are much more interesting. The set up to their heists and the execution in their action scenes are the most fun I had in this movie. Richie really excels at making the shootouts fun.
This is an ultimate popcorn film to just sit back and enjoy the ride. The movie isn't good or bad it's just fun. Heists are hard to mess up even when a mediocre revenge plot tries to get in the way. Also, whoever cut the trailers for this should be fired because they did not sell this movie well at all.

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