Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame ½

Wow this is absolutely crazy. This went straight from my favorite movie all the way to my least favorite movie. That rewatch showed me how awful this movie really is. Time travel is always so perfectly thought out in other movies but here it doesn’t make sense. Imagine that! Also Thor doesn’t get a perfect arc in this movie when everyone else did. I mean come on! It’s the end of the saga and you can’t bring every character to a satisfying conclusion?

Then how about we ignore the fact that this is a franchise? Let’s look at Endgame by itself. It’s horrible! If the MCU didn’t exist Endgame would make no sense! Unacceptable for a conclusion of a huge franchise to rely on the other movies.

I’ve always wanted the MCU to not be so stupid and I’ve wanted them to move on from just having mindless action. Now that we actually got a movie that’s more mature, character focused, and powerful, my excuse for not liking it is going to be that it’s boring.

So yeah that’s my new opinion on this garbage film. Really disappointing.


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