Luca ★★★

So yeah this was better than I expected but at the same time still not very good…
I was expecting something like The Good Dinosaur but this was a lot more fun than that. It’s got amazing animation, a fun central concept, and some pretty good characters. I mean it is a nice little family movie that people should check out. With that said, this movie never at any point felt like a Pixar film. It’s unfortunate that it has to be compared to these amazing films from this amazing studio because it immediately pales in comparison to them. I also know that if this came out of any other studio then I would say it’s s pleasant surprise. I’m just saying I was never really excited to see this film and it never felt like this was the next Pixar movie. It’s a really average animated movie all around. My flaws are in the story. They never even attempt to explain how the sea monsters turn into humans which I can forgive but still. Then the more I think about the film it doesn’t push ANY boundaries whatsoever. It’s very by the book when it comes to the message and the story.
Overall I found this film very empty and aimless. I was expecting a meh movie and the more I think about it, that’s what we got.

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