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  • Black Sunday

    Black Sunday


    What does the Ouroboros taste like?

    John Frankenheimer’s dry structuralist take on 70’s political terrorism helped fund producer Robert Evans cocaine habit helping to spread narco terrorism throughout Columbia.

  • Birds of Prey

    Birds of Prey


    Do you sometimes get a weird feeling?

    The occult displaces the empiric with correspondence, analogy, symbol and synchronicity.

    I accidentally watched this the other night. I had never heard of it and only found it by chance. But earlier in the day, while clearing out some brush under some trees, we found an out of place chicken bone in the soil. Later, I got dinner at a restaurant with the name “chicken” in it and my friend actually ordered the…

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  • Raiders of the Lost Ark

    Raiders of the Lost Ark


    Did you forget what a basic Baby boomer'd Eurocentric colonialist perspective looked like?

    Well, please, rewatch this slab of CIA mind control cinema, then. Indiana Jones, named after the state where the Klan made its comeback, goes around the world stealing things that belong to other cultures.

    Its a good thing I just finished my screenplay for the last installment of the franchise. Its called: Indiana Jones and the LSD of Truth.

    In it, an old Indiana disappears from the…

  • Green Ice

    Green Ice


    Do you have a debilitating injury?

    I do. Somehow, lugging around old synths, I injured my lower spine a few years ago and I have some severely slipped discs that when active pinch a nerve causing me to completely loose all mobility for a week or so. Then, for the next three months, I slowly regain movement but its incredibly painful and comes with a lot of effort. Its embarrassing to admit, but over the course of the first couple…